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We set strategy and execute PPC and digital media campaigns that drive revenue and hit ROI goals.  We put a custom strategy in play built specifically for you with clear results you can report within your organization.  It's that simple. No flashy marketing jargon, just results.

Our experience goes back ten years and covers pay-per-click marketing for B2C, B2B, and e-commerce.  We've encountered many challenges and successfully tackled them.

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Digital Marketing Expertise

Digital Marketing Strategy

Strategic thinking is where we excel.  We take the time to understand your goals, challenges, and needs to establish a custom plan to set you up for long term success.  Whether it be marketing channel mix, competitive analysis, media strategy, or audience targeting, we have you covered.

Conversion Rate optimization

Driving traffic is only half of the equation.  We understand the importance of creating an ideal experience for the user and optimizing for increased conversion.  Utilizing data and best practices, we can help plan and implement an optimized experience for users to make the most of your marketing dollars and grow revenue.

Paid Search

With the certifications and success to prove it, we are true paid search experts.  From strategy to execution, we have the tools and expertise to grow your paid search program profitably and to stay ahead of your competition.

lead generation

We will set and execute a strategic acquisition plan to engage and convert your ideal audience for qualified leads.  Whether you have a target ABM list established or not, we will help define and segment your audience to deliver the ideal message on the right platform to increase the chance of conversion.  

Display MEDIA

Our media savvy can ensure you success whether your goal be brand awareness, demand generation, or lead nurture.  With solid experience crafting the right message to the right audience at the right time, success is guaranteed.   We specialize in driving prospecting & retargeting campaigns.


Partnering with Clermont Digital ensures you will receive actionable, data-driven insight to move your business forward. We make it easy to understand how all of your marketing channels are working together.  The performance metrics we report align with your individual corporate objectives.  Our aim is to provide you with the data to make solid business decisions and improve overall digital performance.


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