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Marketing Strategy

We take the time to listen to your challenges, understand your business goals, and get to know your ideal customer to set a smart, tailor-made PPC marketing strategy.  We help discover the right digital marketing channels and messaging to fit your budget and reach your revenue goals.  We don't use confusing marketing jargon and always ensure transparency in our tactics.

Conversion Rate Optimization

It is not enough to just drive site traffic.  To grow revenue, that traffic needs to convert.  You need a conversion rate optimization strategy that aligns with your digital media efforts to make the most of your advertising dollars.  Our process involves analyzing key performance metrics, gleaning campaign insights, and utilizing industry best practices to determine a testing strategy and optimization plan for ongoing performance gains.

Elizabeth is data driven and checks all the details. She manages to find improvements and optimizations even after all the low hanging fruit has been found.
— Subject Matter Expert Manager, Google

Paid Search Advertising

Paid search ads across the Google and Bing search networks are an incredible way to grow revenue efficiently. We know.  We are Google AdWords & Bing Ads certified and have managed accounts with monthly budgets upwards of $4 million.  We've launched campaigns from scratch and have revitalized existing campaigns.   Clermont Digital knows how to target your ideal customers, craft the right ad copy, and optimize for growth and media dollar efficiency. Our transparent tactics and measurable results ensure you can easily attribute success to your search advertising dollars.

Lead Generation

We serve to not just drive leads, but to ensure lead quality.  Our methodology involves understanding  your key audience and the steps they take in the buying journey to reach them at the right phase with the right offer.  We work closely with you to get qualitative feedback for optimizing intelligently and with the full picture in mind.  Additionally, we provide ABM consulting services including segmentation of your target account list and campaign planning & execution.

Elizabeth turned a failing search marketing strategy into a positive ROI program. Elizabeth is an innovative, data driven marketer who continually optimizes to improve bottom-line results.
— Sr. Vice President Marketing,

Display Media

Utilizing the reach and intelligent audience targeting of display media, we can help achieve your business goals.  Whether it be brand awareness, direct response, or lead nurture - we know when, where, and how to reach your customers.  Our display tactics encompass prospecting, retargeting, programmatic media buys, and use various ad formats (image ads, video ads, etc.).  You can rest assured we are committed to your brand's safety and always deliver clear, actionable reporting that is easy to comprehend.  


We provide clear, easy-to-interpret analytics that align with your corporate goals and tie marketing efforts to revenue growth.   Partnering with Clermont Digital, you will never feel in the dark as to how your digital campaigns are performing or how you stack up against the competition.  We proactively provide data insights, context around performance, and direct action based on key metrics.   We are Google Analytics Certified and aren't afraid of messy data sets.